Australia Nuclear - Peter Dutton - Two Tone

Today in nuclear news … Australia comes into the picture along with “Peter Dutton” who has been the leader of the Liberal Party of Australia since May 2022. The month of May has been an ongoing pattern for years so that means it is extremely important. Think “May Day”. Peter Dutton is a Scorpio and the colours of Scorpio (and the Antichrist) are red and black.

“Matilda Boseley”, the Woman in red in the photo above, has “Two Tone” hair like Lady Gaga in the upcoming Joker: Folie à Deux movie. [1] Let’s break this down.

Peter Dutton - Star Explodes - The Clock Tower - Great Earthquake

“Peter Dutton” is telling us that there will be a “Great Earthquake” when the “Star Explodes” which is obviously the Sun. “Sun” and “Geneva” both equal 54 so this is connected to the nuclear explosion that’s going to happen at CERN. Big Ben “The Clock Tower” in London gave us a 9/11 warning on April 25. See Big Ben 911.

Matilda Boseley - Ground Zero - The God Particle

“Matilda Boseley”, the Woman in red aka “Scarlet Woman” with “Two Tone” hair, equals “The God Particle” which is what CERN is looking for. Her name also equals “Ground Zero” which means the point on the Earth’s surface directly below a nuclear explosion, also called “Hypocenter”. [2]

Hypocenter - Explosion - Rapture Day - We Shall Be Changed

We, meaning the “Elect”, will be changed at the nuclear “Explosion”. This is “Rapture Day” which is also referred to as the “First Resurrection” in Revelation 20.

Matilda Boseley - Two Two

Matilda flashes a “Two Two”.

Two Two - Wood Dragon - Porch Light - Global Reset

I initially thought “Two Two” meant 2022 but this year, 2024, is the year of the “Wood Dragon” in Chinese astrology.

On April 1, 2022 My “Porch Light” kept on turning on and off. Now I know why.

In the video Matilda says “In The Year Of Our Lord”.

In The Year Of Our Lord - Sudden Rapture Soon - Twenty Four Hour

“Twenty Four Hour” is what Debbie Harry says in her song “Rapture“.

Twenty-four hour shopping in rapture.

Matilda Boseley - Lady Gaga - Two Tone

Both Matilda and Gaga are wearing red and have “Two Tone” hair.

Two Tone - Time Is Up

“Two Tone” equals “Time Is Up” which is similar to what I saw a few days ago when driving past “Trinity Estate”. The letter “T” had fallen off the sign leaving only “Rinity” which has the same gematria value as “It’s Time”. See Trinity.

“Time Is Up” is also the name of a song by Poppy.

Poppy - Time Is Up - Die-Cut Picture Disc

Poppy released “Time Is Up” as an extremely cool die-cut picture disc in 2018. “In A Minute” is the B-side track.

In A Minute - Nuclear Bomb - Middle Finger
X Marks The Spot - Middle Finger - Sandy - Las Vegas

“Nuclear Bomb” equals “Middle Finger” which is what I’m flashing here. Note the “Two Tone” hair colour and “X” on My shirt which equals 24 for 2024. This photo was taken approximately 24 years ago as well.

Sandy - Edith Piaf - Eyebrows

Back then I used to pencil My eyebrows like Édith Piaf.

“Édith Piaf” equals My birthstone “Topaz”, “Scarlet” and “Porno”.

Scorpio is the sign most closely associated with sex: The part of the body that Scorpio governs is the genital area.

Sex is very “Scarlet Woman”. “Mary Magdalene” was a “Scarlet Woman” and was accused of being a prostitute.

Edith Piaf - Kylie Minogue - Padam Padam

Both Édith Piaf and Kylie Minogue recorded a song called “Padam Padam”. Kylie is dressed as the “Scarlet Woman” in the video for her song.

Padam Padam - Cabaret - The Mill

The sails fell off “The Mill” at the Moulin Rouge “Cabaret” on April 25. See Moulin Rouge.

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish just announced her “Hit Me Hard And Soft” world tour. [3] She was also supposedly the inspiration behind the “Two Tone” hair trend. [4]

Hit Me Hard And Soft - Rapture - Covid One Nine - Nuclear Radiation - Elect

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner - Two Tone

On Sunday night, “Jennifer Garner” made a rare red-carpet appearance at the eighth annual “Fashion Los Angeles Awards” wearing a “Two Tone” dress. [5]

Jennifer Garner - Big Ben Nine Eleven - Scarlet Woman - From Sydney
Fashion Los Angeles Awards - Jornada Del Muerto Desert - May The Force Be With You

“Fashion Los Angeles Awards” equals “Jornada Del Muerto Desert”, the location of the first detonation of a nuclear bomb by the United States Army. See Trinity. This phrase is also connected to May via “May The Force Be With You” which is a line from Star Wars and May is “Star Wars Month”.

Great Enigma

Amateur archaeologists in England have unearthed one of the largest Roman dodecahedrons ever found, but mystery surrounds what it was actually used for. [6]

As soon as I saw it I thought, “It’s the Coronavirus!”

Coronavirus - Roman Dodecahedron - Great Enigma
Roman Dodecahedron - Decode Antichrist - Grand Unveiling - Glorious King
Kylie Minogue - Padam Padam - Coronavirus - Sun
Kylie Minogue - Padam Padam - Two Two Hand Sign

Kylie Minogue also flashes a “Two Two” in the video for “Padam Padam”.

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