Lady Caca

I was sorting through some old photos and found this one of Me that I made 13 years ago. It was the year Lady Gaga released her album Born This Way in the month of, you guessed it, May.

Lady Caca - Solar Eclipse - Nuclear Bomb - Radiation Coming

Another nuclear and radiation sign. It’s been non-stop lately. Jupiter’s symbol is the “Thunderbolt” [1] which I Photoshopped on My right eye.

Back then I had no clue that the photo I made had the rapture date encrypted in it.

Jupiter Planet Symbol

This is the symbol for the planet Jupiter in astrology and astronomy.

Jupiter Planet Symbol

It has the number 24 hidden in it.

Jupiter - King Of The Gods

Jupiter is known as the “King Of The Gods”.

King Of The Gods - CERN Explodes - Prometheus

The “King Of The Gods” links back to Oppenheimer who is also known as the American “Prometheus”. See Trinity.

Jupiter is also known as the “God Of Thunder”.

“Thunderstruck” by AC/DC just started playing on YouTube. Coincidence? Nah.

Thunderstruck - Scorpion Goddess - Divine Birthright - I Am The True Queen - The Land Down Under

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