Big Ben 911

Big Ben 911

Big Ben’s clock stopped for more than hour today, leaving Westminster sleuths baffled.

The timepiece in the structure was frozen at 9am until gone 10am, before its hands were seen being moved forwards to display the correct time.

The hourly strikes of the bells were also paused and will resume at midday. They too reportedly malfunctioned by performing 11 chimes at 10.06am. [1]

Army Horses London
Army Horses London - White Horse Covered In Blood

The “Big Ben” malfunction and “Army Horses” incident occurred yesterday. Big Ben stopped at 9am and chimed 11 times at 10:06am.

Rapture Earthquake

The first phrase that stood out to Me that equals 1006 in the gematria database is “Rapture Earthquake”.

Lived In California

I “Lived In California” right next to “Westminster”, the name of the place where Big Ben malfunctioned.

In the English cipher, “Lived In California” equals these phrases. May again and Revelation 9 which is about the Destroyer who is the rider on the White horse.

Army Horses London - White Horse Covered In Blood

The White horse that ran through London was covered in blood like the rider on the White horse as well.

And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood.

After the verses about the horses in Revelation, the “Sixth Seal” is opened and an earthquake occurs.

Rapture Earthquake

Is this the “Rapture Earthquake” …

Sixth Seal - May

In May?

The horses were “Army Horses” which is 911 decoded. Revelation 9:11 is about Apollyon, the rider on the White horse who leads the army.

Big Ben - May

“Big Ben” also equals “May”.

Rachel Meghan Markle - The Queen Of May - Coronavirus - Virus Event

I recently completed a painting of “Rachel Meghan Markle” whose name equals “The Queen Of May” and “Coronavirus”.

Monkey Duchess - Megan Markle Pop Art Painting

I named the painting “Monkey Duchess“.

“Maxwell Azzarello” set himself on fire on April 20. See Burning Man.

“Maxwell Azzarello” equals 206 like “Rapture Earthquake” in the English cipher. Big Ben chimed 11 times at 10:06 which is the value of “Rapture Earthquake” in the Jewish cipher (1006). Will an earthquake occur in May this year? The numbers seem to indicate so but I won’t believe it until I see it.

Big Ben has stopped, there are horses on the loose in London. Why would the end of days begin on a Wednesday?

Daily Mail Australia

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