Trinity Nuclear Test

“Trinity” was the code name of the detonation of a nuclear weapon in the “Jornada Del Muerto Desert”, New Mexico, as part of the “Manhattan Project” on July 16, 1945.

Trinity - Higgs Boson - Harpazo Day - Emerald City

“Trinity” is also code for “Harpazo Day” which means “Rapture Day”. Rapture doesn’t mean being whisked away into the sky by Jesus. See Rapture Is Rupture.

Jornada del Muerto Desert - May The Force Be With You

“Jornada Del Muerto Desert” equals “May The Force Be With You”, a phrase from the movie Star Wars. May is also “Star Wars Month”.

New Mexico - Solar Flash - Dark Matter

CERN claims to be searching for “Dark Matter” which equals 666, the number you see hidden in their logo.

CERN 666 Logo
Manhattan Project - We Are Happy At CERN - Rapturous Day - Trinity Test

“Manhattan Project” equals “Trinity Test” and “We Are Happy At CERN”. See I’m Happy.

Julius Robert Oppenheimer

“Julius Robert Oppenheimer” was the director of the “Manhattan Project”.

Julius Robert Oppenheimer - Six Hundred And Sixty Six - Coronavirus Covid Nineteen

His name equals “Six Hundred And Sixty Six”, the number you see in CERN’s logo.

Oppenheimer is also known as the “Father Of The Atomic Bomb” …

Father Of The Atomic Bomb - Geneva Switzerland - Kentucky Fried Chicken - The Wheat And The Tares

… which equals the place where CERN is located, “Geneva Switzerland”. It also equals “Kentucky Fried Chicken” and “The Wheat And The Tares” which is what My painting The Colonel is all about, i.e. the separation of the wheat (Elect) and the tares (swine) as described in Matthew 13.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

A “Kentucky Fried Chicken” box appeared on the tares (weeds) in My rubbish bin on May 23, 2019. My painting Virgin is all about “Fry Day” as well.

Trinity Estate

Trinity Estate

I drove past “Trinity Estate” today and noticed that the letter “T” had fallen off both the word “Trinity” and “Estate”. I pulled over to the side of the road to check gematria matches for “Rinity” and freaked out when I saw that the top search result was “It’s Time”. 😱

Rinity - It's Time

Next, I checked the matches for both words “Rinity Esate” and was shocked to discover this.

Rinity Esate - Fire From Sky - Collision Failed

Collision Failed is the name of the blog I posted on April 20 in which I included a video I made about the particle collision fail at CERN using clips from their “Symmetry” video.

Flames - April 24, 2024

“Fire From The Sky” reminds Me of the “Flames” I saw on a license plate on April 24.

Flames - The LHC

“Flames” equals “The LHC” (Large Hadron Collider) which can also be found at CERN.

Trinity Estate - TT

What secrets are revealed when you add the two missing T’s?

“Trinity Estate” equals “Carrington Event” which was the most intense geomagnetic storm recorded in history and the result of a “Coronal Mass Ejection” from the Sun. [1]

A geomagnetic storm of this magnitude occurring today would cause widespread electrical disruptions, blackouts, and damage due to extended outages of the electrical power grid.

Note that “Carrington Event” also equals “Total Media Blackout” which is exactly what happened in the movie Leave The World Behind. [2]

Leave The World Behind Movie Poster

The film Leave the World Behind uses a scene involving Teslas to depict the cyberattack’s impact on transportation and communication.

Leave The World Behind - Tesla Cars

The other day I saw a white Tesla Model 3 like what you see in the movie. Was that a sign that the “Total Media Blackout” is coming soon?

Trinity Estate - TT

There were two T’s missing from the “Trinity Estate” sign.

“TT” equals “CERN”. I think it’s pretty clear that the nuclear explosion will be coming from CERN.

Nuclear Mushroom Cloud - April 28, 2024

After I took a photo of the “Trinity Estate” sign I saw a “Mushroom Cloud” in the sky …

Nuclear Mushroom Cloud - April 28, 2024

… and a few minutes later, another one.

American Prometheus

“American Prometheus” is a 2005 biography of Julius Robert Oppenheimer.

American Prometheus - Covid Nineteen Pandemic - Australia Is The Key - The Final Countdown

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