The Trooper

Iron Maiden - The Trooper - Punk

I saw a punk wearing an Iron Maiden “The Trooper” jacket in the city today.

“The Trooper” is a song by the English heavy metal band Iron Maiden, released as the second single on 20 June 1983 from the band’s fourth studio album, Piece of Mind (1983). [1]

Decapitated Rabbit

I found a “Decapitated Rabbit” on My front door mat approximately 11 years ago.

Iron Maiden - Decode Corona - Coming King - Australia

The Number Of The Beast became Iron Maiden’s first album to top the UK Albums Chart. “The Beast” has also become an alternate name for “Iron Maiden”. [2]

Iron Maiden - The Trooper - Punk

The punk dude’s mohawk looks like “Sun Rays”.

Mohawk Looks Like Sun Rays - Victory To The Unvaccinated

The guy on the right has a “Pokemon” hanging from his backpack.

Pokemon - Virus
Warhammer Store

I’ve seen the word “Warhammer” twice in two days.

“Warhammer” equals “Taurus” and “Freak Accident”. The Sun will be in the sign of “Taurus” until May 20. It’s May 20 in Australia today! 😱 I don’t know if that means anything … but, we’ll see anyway.

The sign under “Warhammer” says “Subway”.

Warhammer - Subway - CERN Switzerland - Decode Coronavirus

Wow, that’s a nice “coincidence”.

Eyes On Shirt

The punk guy has eyes on his shirt. They remind Me of the “Eye Of Providence” surrounded by sun rays on the reverse of the “Great Seal Of The United States”.

Great Seal Of The United States - Reverse - Eye Of Providence
Eye Of Providence - Phoenix Rising - King Of The World

The eye on the pyramid represents the “King Of The World”, otherwise known as the “Phoenix” and “Missing Capstone”. The winking eye of the “Demon Star”, “Algol”, is located in the sign of “Taurus” as well. Algol is derived from the Arabic word meaning “Prankster” [3] and what does that remind you of? The “Joker” who is played by “Joaquin Phoenix“.

Algol - Beast - Judge

“Algol” equals “Judge” and “Beast” which brings us back to “Iron Maiden” whose alternate name is “The Beast”.

The Arabic word for “Algol” is رأس الغول ra’s al-ghūl. The English name “Demon Star” was taken from the Arabic name. [4]

The almighty “Demon Star” also points to May. Insanity. If nothing happens this month then I am retiring for a year and will be back next May. 😂

Ra's al Ghul

Ra’s al Ghul is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as an adversary of the superhero Batman. [5]

“Ra’s al Ghul” is named after the demon star “Algol” and his outfit is “Green And Gold”, the colours I used in My latest painting titled Libertas III (Ozymandias) and also in Emerald Magdalene (Ladytron). “Green And Gold” are also the national colours of Australia and “Mary Magdalene”.

Ra's al Ghul - Decode Sandy - Pinned Up - Rapture

Who would’ve thought that “Ra’s al Ghul” is code for Me? I’ll be the One getting “Pinned Up” at the “Rapture” like a “Pin-Up Girl”.

The “Pin-Up Girl” is an “Animal Lover” just like “Joaquin Phoenix”. 🐱

Iron Maiden - The Trooper

Crossed Eyes

Back to “Iron Maiden” and their song “The Trooper” … “Cross-Eyed Mary”, a “Jethro Tull Cover” is the B-side track of “The Trooper”. I recently completed a painting of Meghan Markle with crossed eyes titled Monkey Duchess.

Cross-Eyed Mary - It's Nearly Time - Huge Explosion
Jethro Tull Cover - Goodbye Cruel World - Australia Is The Key - Covid Nineteen Pandemic

Isn’t it cool how it all connects? Yes it is. See Goodbye Cruel World.

The technical name for crossed eyes is “Strabismus”. [6]

“Strabismus” connects to the “Army Horses” that ran through “London” on the day “Big Ben” signalled 9/11. See Big Ben 911.

“The Trooper” is based on the “Charge of the Light Brigade” at the Battle of Balaclava 1854, which took place during the Crimean War.

Charge Of The Light Brigade - Crowning Of The King - Who Is The Phoenix - Hates All Christians

Hates all Christians? Sounds like Me.

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