Goodbye Cruel World

The Cruel World Festival is an annual music festival held at the Brookside at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California …. The festival revolves around the new wave, post-punk, gothic rock and alternative rock genres. [1]

The “Cruel World Festival” is held at the Brookside “Golf Course” at the “Rose Bowl” every year in the month of May and that’s because May is the month of Mary.

Yes, even the “Cruel World Festival” has the date of the “Final Reset” encrypted in it.

The “Rose Bowl” is code for the “Holy Grail”, the pure-blooded Atlantean “Grail Queen” who is a “Scorpion”. She’s the “Killer Bitch” who’s going to serve justice. See Judge Dredd.

The “Cruel World Festival” is held in the month of May which, according to the code, is the month of rapture. “Blondie” will be performing this year. [2]

“Don’t Worry Be Happy” is a song by “Bobby McFerrin”.

He won’t be performing at the “Cruel World Festival” but the name of his song contains the word “Happy” and that’s a song by “Pharrell Williams”. CERN used it as a soundtrack in their “We Are Happy At CERN” video.

We Are Happy At CERN - Manhattan Project - Solar Holocaust - Rapture Is What
Cruel World Festival 2024

The “Rose Bowl” stadium is located in “Pasadena”.

The word Pasadena literally means “valley” in the Ojibwa (Chippewa) Indian language, but it has been interpreted to mean “Crown of the Valley” and “Key of the Valley,” hence the adoption of both the crown and the key in the official city seal. [3]

Pasadena City Seal

“Pasadena” equals “Madame X” which is the fourteenth studio album by Madonna. [4]

“Madame X” is also Madonna’s alter-ego and code for “The Real Madonna”.

The Real Madonna - Five Months - Lights Out

“Pasadena” also equals “Blondie” and “Atomic”. See Atomic Blonde.

May Eleven - Australia

The “Cruel World Festival” is being held on “May Eleven” this year, a phrase that equals “Australia”. See It’s All Australia.

Goodbye Cruel World

“Never Tear Us Apart” is a song by INXS. It was released in June 1998 as the fourth single from their album Kick. [5] “Michael Hutchence” was the lead singer of INXS and looked very similar to My ex-boyfriend, the “Rock Star Poser”.

Rock Star Poser - May Firestarter - Winter Is Coming - CERN Hadron Collider - The Clock Is Ticking

Even the poser points to May as being the month of rapture. “Winter Is Coming” in Australia in approximately 3 weeks so is the solar flare going to crown the “Grail Queen” before then?

Here I am with the “Rock Star Poser” and “Cigarette In My Mouth”.

Cigarette In My Mouth - Star Wars Solar Flare - The Antichrist Revealed - Final Days Of May Madness

May, May, May, no matter which way I turn.

Michael Hutchence - Are You Ready - May Rapture - Symmetry

And here it is again. “Michael Hutchence” equals “May Rapture” and “Symmetry” which is the name of CERN’s video that shows the failed particle collision. [6]

While searching for the “Symmetry” video on YouTube I came across a video of the physicists at CERN dancing to Indian beats. Dafuq. It’s The India Code again. If shit doesn’t hit the fan this month I will be extremely fucking shocked.

INXS - Corona Event

Michael’s band is also code for the “Corona Event” …

… and so is his song “Never Tear Us Apart” which equals “Goodbye Cruel World”.

INXS - X Sin

Michael says “There’s A Purge Coming”. INXS is an anagram of “X Sin”. Is year “X” (24) the year the world is going to be purged from sin?

The “Cruel World Festival” is on today in California. Hopefully it’s going to be the last.

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