It’s All For You

King Charles Portrait - Jonathan Yeo
King Charles III Portrait

The first official painted portrait of King Charles III since his coronation has been unveiled at Buckingham Palace. [1]

“Jonathan Yeo” equals the above phrases. Note “Rare Black Swan” which was seen in Greece on May 2, 2024. [2]

The painting is of “King Charles III” …

In the Jewish cipher, “King Charles III” equals “X” which is what was crossed over America last month and “Easter Egg”.

“King Charles III” is also code for the Antichrist, the “Female Messiah”. Here’s a double Easter confirmation as well.

The painting was unveiled at “Buckingham Palace”.

“The Blast Wave Hits Them” is what Sarah Connor said in her freak-out scene in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

I highlighted the phrases above in yellow because they match the photo I posted in Scorpion Antichrist yesterday.

Easter Eggs For Hitler

Several planes flew above My house this morning with only a short space of time in between them. They sounded really close and I thought they were going to crash into My house. It reminded Me of 9/11 (and no, I don’t live near an airport). Then, this afternoon, somebody was banging on My front door. I yelled out, “Who is it?” and some Indian lady started talking. I had no clue what she was saying and I didn’t open the door. That’s two huge omens in one day. Weird stuff has been happening every day.

He's Bathing In Blood - King Charles III

The painting is causing quite a reaction. “He’s Bathing In Blood” made Me laugh out loud.

It’s the real holocaust. 😂 It reminded Me of another headline I saw today which also made Me laugh.

While California Incinerates

Does anybody else find that funny? I’m guessing not because everybody’s braindead therefore unable to see the hidden meaning behind it.

They’ve been slandering Me for years.

King Charles III - Absolutely Roasted
Absolutely Roasted - Rider On A White Horse

Notice how they’re using words related to fire? Roasted, incinerates … and here’s a White Horse like the one that was running through London.

Reminds Me of a photo I have of Me riding a White Horse and “Bathed In Blood” due to an unusual photo processing error.

Bathed In Blood - 666

Damien Thorn was also riding a horse on a “Merry-Go-Round” in The Omen.

Merry-Go-Round - Nuclear Rapture - It's All For You
It's All For You - Nanny - The Omen

“It’s All For You” is what the “Nanny” says before she hangs herself.

Nanny - Noose - Easter
NSW Flag - White Horse - London

Here’s a photo of the White horse that was running through London with the flag of New South Wales, Australia above it. 👑👌🏻

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