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Diana Tag

Before I even began writing this post I started adding tags to it. After I added “Diana”, this song started playing on YouTube.

“Diana” is a song written and made famous by Paul Anka in 1957, recorded in May 1957 at Don Costa studio in New York.

I’ve been getting slammed with “May” syncs again lately.

Diana - Paul Anka - Lonely Boy
Diana - Paul Anka - Nuclear Bomb

Not only May but also everything nuclear.

The India Code

Indian Landfill Fire - Taj Mahal

An Indian landfill that is set to grow taller than the Taj Mahal has been engulfed in flames in the capital, pumping harmful toxins into the environment as a result. [1]

India, Indians, Indiana, Indiana Jones, and Diana are all connected to the Antichrist. The India code is huge so I’m only going to try and focus on the landfill incident today which I highly doubt is going to happen because one thing always leads to the next and down the rabbit hole I will go.

The “Ghazipur Landfill” caught on fire on Sunday amid India’s second heatwave.

Ghazipur Landfill - Think Holocaust

Yesterday in Nazis Never Existed I posted fake holocaust photos. The holocaust I’m waiting for is the real one, the nuclear one.

Nuclear Holocaust - Hush Money Trial

Is it going to happen soon? Trump’s “Hush Money Trial” is currently in progress so I hope so. Read more at Burning Man.

The London Economic article states that the Indian landfill is set to grow taller than the Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal contains the word “Maj” which is Slovenian for “May”. Both Donald Trump’s wife, Melania, and a few of My relatives come from Slovenia which, like Croatia, used to be part of Yugoslavia. [2]

Taj Mahal - Corona Event

Taj Mahal means “Crown Of The Palace” so here we have “Crown” and “Corona” which means crown.

Slavic - Corona Event

Croatians and Slovenians speak a “Slavic” language.

So, what’s the “Corona Event”?

Corona Event - Harpazo Time - The Rapture - Yugoslavia

It’s the nuclear explosion that’s going to trigger the “Coronal Mass Ejection” from the sun and harpazo (rapture), i.e. the real Corona Virus. See Rapture Is Rupture.

Monkey Man

The First Omen - Monkey Man

The movie Monkey Man is set in India and was released the same day as The First Omen. Both of the movie posters are red and black (the colours of the Antichrist) and have a dark figure standing in a doorway. “Monkey Man” equals 666 in gematria.

Monkey Man 666

The Monkey Man is played by “Dev Patel”, an Indian actor.

Dev Patel - Sam Neill - Harpazo - Storm

His name equals 85 like “Sam Neill”, the guy who played the Antichrist in Omen III: The Final Conflict. Who’s ready for “Harpazo” and the coming “Storm”?

Antichrist Rising - The Coming Global Storm

Star Explosion in Corona Borealis

Corona Borealis - Nova Star Explosion

An enormous thermonuclear explosion is going to occur this year in Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown. [3] It’s an event that occurs approximately once every century.

Corona Borealis - Smile In The Sky

Corona Borealis looks like a smile in the sky.

Operation Smiling Buddha

Operation Smiling Buddha was the code name assigned for India‘s first successful nuclear bomb test on May 18, 1974.

Operation Smiling Buddha - Harpazo Means Rapture - Prepare For The Storm

The event is known as a “nova” which means “new star”. The movie A Star Is Born featuring Lady Gaga just came to mind.

Lady Gaga stars alongside Joaquin Phoenix in Joker: Folie à Deux this year.

In the teaser trailer for the movie, Gaga draws a “Corona Borealis” on the glass in front of the Joker with red lipstick.

Joker Folie A Deux - Lord Of Darkness - Huntington Beach

The “Lord Of Darkness” is no other than the “Dark Lord Of Pin-Up” from “Huntington Beach” California who would have lost his mind if he knew there was a sequel coming out this year.

Lady Gaga - Harley Quinn - Antichrist

Lady Gaga plays “Harley Quinn” in the movie.

Harley Quinn - Scarlet Woman - From Sydney

“Harley Quinn” is a representation of the “Scarlet Woman”, the Antichrist.

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