Nazis Never Existed

Adolf Hitler Portrait

Nazi is, and always has been, an insult.

It doesn’t take a person with a genius IQ to figure out that the word “Nazi” was invented by an ugly person and ugly people are the only ones who use the word to slander Europeans today. Hitler didn’t call himself a Nazi and neither did any of the National Socialists.

According to Mark Forsyth in The Etymologicon, the word Nazi has been a term of abuse for years. It means idiot, fool, or peasant. Calling somebody a Nazi is the same as calling a black person a nigger. It’s hate speech.

Konrad Heiden invented the word Nazi

Konrad Heiden is the guy who invented the word. Like I said, “ugly person”.

Konrad Heiden - Ugly Nose

Look at that massive schnoz. It’s always the ugly ones with gigantic honkers that slander us good-looking Europeans. Jealous fuckers.

Stop The Nazis

Here are a bunch of demon-possessed fuglies yelling to “Stop The Nazis” in Britain. The hate-filled racists need to remove the clothes that were invented by Europeans from their bodies first before attacking the people who created civilisation in the country they’ve invaded.

If you hate yt ppl bro you need to remove your filthy hands from our yt technology bro.

1938 Anti-Nazi Protest

While researching the origins of the word Nazi I came across this fake photo and started laughing. Doctored by the amateur graphic designer and Photoshop bullshit artist at Los Angeles Times.

Anti-Nazi Protest 1938
Click to enlarge.

As soon as I saw it I knew it was fake. I have over 20 years experience using Photoshop so it’s pretty obvious. “Shall we let Hitler destroy world peace”, LOL! Yeah right. They forgot to add a question mark at the end of that sentence. 😂

Anti-Nazi protest - Fake Shadow

Not only is the shadow in this photo fake, the text doesn’t match the curve of the sign as well.

Anti-Nazi protest - Amateur Photoshop

The letter “N” is overlapping onto the sign in front. 😂

Anti-Nazi protest - Amateur Photoshop


Anti-Nazi protest - Amateur Photoshop

We invented graphic design and computer software as well so it’s only natural that these wannabes are amateurs when it comes to using our technology.

Fake Holocaust Photos

Fake Holocaust Photo
Fake Holocaust Photo

They pasted this dude into this photo. Where’s the shadow behind his arm? Even a mentally handicapped 10-year-old could tell that this photo is fake.

Here are some more fake photos I found on the “Lies Your Teacher Taught You” website.

Fake Holocaust Photo

This supposed secret shot with a “smuggled camera” is said to show body burning at Auschwitz, because the numbers of claimed gassing dead were so impossible for the crematoria (actually used for the day-to-day dead of a 100,000 camp).

It’s really a combination print of at least three photos: One, the window where a Jew Kapo snapped the shot “secretly” and two, a newspaper negative stolen from a 1912 train wreck in Dresden, Ohio, showing rescue people, along with a few real dead victims of the accident. Three, added figures and bodies were spliced in for effect (with obvious retouching — see the crude “spaghetti woman”). The final montage print itself was then re-shot on a copy stand to aid in the fakery.

Fake Holocaust Photo
They spotted the same forgery I pointed out above. 😂

So where’s the naked Jew guy? Famous holocaust shot was accidentally published in New York Times without starving naked Jew. So how did that happen? Close examination of the accepted version shows subtle light flashing from darkroom double printing, where someone dropped in the naked Jew to aid in the “shock value.”

Fake Holocaust Photo

Another hard day at the office for the ‘evil’ Nazi man! How so many people are still able to believe so many of the blatantly fake photos being pawned-off as proof is beyond me? People just don’t hang with their legs like this (finally admitted in 1996 to be a East German communist fraud created in 1958).

To make matters even worse however, this particular photo was just recently published as being real (more evil Nazi brainwashing), in a National Geographic documentary on crucifixions shown to American guy during the 2014 Easter holidays.

Fake Holocaust Photo

Top photo is fake. Photo below is real.

Fake Holocaust Photo

Look at the fake tongue. 😂

Fake Holocaust Photo

The naked girl in the photo is cropped out of a 1963 polish film called “Passenger”. Watch the film and take a screenshot at exactly 31:36 and you will see the actress on the right.

Fake Holocaust Photo

Fake photo vs. real.

Fake Holocaust Photo

Fake photo vs. real.

Fake Holocaust Photo

Damn that bitch is tall …. or the dude is a midget.

To see more, visit Lies Your Teacher Taught You.

Kill Nazis Like It's 1945

David Cole

David Cole-Stein

In the early 90’s, Cole appeared on several popular TV programs, notably the Montel Williams Show and the Phil Donahue Show. According to Donahue, David Cole is “The Antichrist” and 60 Minutes called him a danger to mankind.

By 21, he had become infamous as the “Jewish Holocaust denier,” though he explicitly never denied the Holocaust. By 25, he had a $25,000 bounty put on his head by Irv Rubin of the Jewish Defense League. [1]

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