The First Omen

It’s Antichrist season and the prequel to My favourite horror film franchise The Omen is being released on April 4 in Australia.

The First Omen Movie Poster

The length of the movie is 119 minutes because 119 is the reverse of 911 and equals the following in gematria:

Mary Magdalene From Croatia - 119

Mary Magdalene is the “Scarlet Woman” also known as “The Whore Of Babylon”, “Lucifer”, “Venus”, “Aphrodite”, “Apollyon” and the “Antichrist” among hundreds of other names.

What’s weird is that Nostradamus predicted that the third Antichrist would come from Bosnia and Herzegovina which is right next to Croatia.

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Croatia Map

If we look at this triangle, we see that the obvious central point, in terms of acceptable average, is Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina (scene of some of the worst of the ethnic cleansing during the Bosnian war, which included the destruction of 16 mosques by Radovan Karadžić’s Serb authorities).

Nostradamus and the Third Antichrist

I logged into My DNA profile the other day and discovered it has been updated. One match in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There aren’t many of us left in the world, “us” meaning humans.

Dark Lord Of Pin-Up - Aryan Antichrist - Third Antichrist

My business name “Dark Lord Of Pin-Up” also happens to equal “Third Antichrist” in gematria and yes, I am Aryan. How cool would it be to have the power to burn the Planet of the Mutts to the ground?

Update (4/4/24)

The First Omen - Monkey Man - Movie Posters

I just discovered that there’s a movie called Monkey Man that is being released on the same day as The First Omen. Both of the movie posters are red and black (the colours of the Antichrist) and look very similar. “Monkey Man” equals 666 in gematria.

Monkey Man 666

The text above “Monkey Man” states …

One small ember can burn down everything.

On April 1 I said, ” How cool would it be to have the power to burn the Planet of the Mutts to the ground?” 😂

Omen Monkey

The word “Omen” can also be found in “Monkey”.


Dax Mazda Number Plate

I went to the store this morning and saw “DAX” again. I’ve been seeing this word several times over the last few months. “Dax” keeps on appearing in My code because it signifies something important. It’s a French name meaning “Leader”. I also checked gematria and found this:

The Great American Eclipse marks the final X over America and is a sign of the upcoming judgement of America. It occurs in approximately a week, on April 8.

I’m not saying America is going to be destroyed in a week. I’m saying that the April 8 eclipse is America’s final warning. “The Eclipse” equals “Mahdi The Hidden Imam” who is the Messiah in Islam eschatology and the Antichrist according to Christians. What these idiots don’t know is that the Antichrist is the Messiah.

The path of the eclipse goes over a town called “Rapture” in Indiana. In 2011, CNN reported that just one person lives in Rapture. The town was also the setting for Terence Faherty’s 1999 novel The Ordained. What does this mean? It means that Christians are deluded when they think that they’re all going to be whisked away in the sky when the rapture occurs. The meaning of rapture is the resurrection of Osiris, i.e. “The Rise Of The One World Leader”, the Antichrist.

What’s interesting is that NASA are firing three rockets into the shadow of the eclipse. [1] Their reasons for doing so are bullshit of course, just like everything else they say. They named the rockets “APEP” which is the name of an Egyptian serpent deity that eats the sun and embodies darkness and disorder. Blackout incoming.

NASA APEP Eclipse Rockets

Who’s ready for the “Black Swan Event”?

Black Swan Event - The First Omen

The rise of the Antichrist is the “Black Swan Event” that all the people in the know have been waiting for preceded by the blackout.

Devil Comet - Eclipse 2024

The Devil Comet will also be visible during the April eclipse. [2] And, to add more fuel to the fire, CERN will also commence smashing protons at 6.8 TeV on the day of the eclipse. [3]

CERN Eclipse 2024 - Protons or Easter Eggs

In an unprecedented scientific endeavor, CERN is set to harness the power of the world’s most potent particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), during the total solar eclipse of 2024. This experiment aims to shed light on the elusive dark matter that is believed to constitute a significant portion of the universe’s mass.

“Dark Matter” just happens to equal 666 in gematria which is the number that is hidden in CERN’s logo.

“Dark Matter” equals “Dark Mother”. “Matter” comes from the word “mater” which means “mother”.

CMEs [Coronal Mass Ejections] can certainly happen during totality …. Solar flares are powerful bursts of radio waves, visible light, X-rays and gamma-rays at the surface of the sun that travel at light speed and take just eight minutes to reach Earth. They often follow a CME.

Although three solar flares that reached X class — the highest-intensity level —went off during one week in February, it’s highly unlikely that one will be seen during totality. [4]


Tawfeek Barhom

● Tawfeek Barhom plays Father Gabriel in The First Omen. He also starred in the 2018 movie, Mary Magdalene.

● The eclipse will be occurring on the 99th day of the year. The words “Rapture” and “Judgement” equal 99.

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