Thunder Bird

Thunder Bird Australia

The thunderbird is a legendary creature particular to North American indigenous peoples’ history and culture. It is considered a supernatural being of power and strength. [1]

X-Shaped Thunderbird

In Algonquian images, an X-shaped thunderbird is often used to depict the thunderbird with its wings alongside its body and the head facing forwards instead of in profile.

Chris Hemsworth - Thor

The God of Thunder (chief or “King of the Gods”) is Thor who is played by Australian actor Chris Hemsworth in the movie. Chris Hemsworth is of English, Scottish, and German ancestry. The word “Thunderbird” equals “Crowned King” in gematria.

Trump - Thunderstorm - Germans

CNN reports that Germans are making Trump “Thunderstorm” plans. [2]

The skull that was found in Australia is from the thunder bird species “Genyornis Newtoni” which equals “World Currency”.

Genyornis Newtoni - World Currency
1988 Economist - Phoenix - World Currency - Island

The 1988 cover of The Economist features a Phoenix (“Crowned King”) with a gold coin around its neck with the Danish word for “Island” on it. Australia is known as the “Great Island” and the city of Sydney means “Wide Island”.

The skull of the Australian thunder bird has “the face of a very strange goose“.

Thunder Bird - Goose Face

Saying that someone’s “goose is cooked” means that they are about to be punished.

Thunder Bird X - America - X Marks The Spot

X-shaped thunder bird. X over America.

Thunderbird - Inverted Triangle Trump Hand Sign

The “Real Donald Trump” (Thunder Bird, Phoenix) is “Down Under”.

Donald Trump - Eye Of Providence - Upside Down
Real Donald Trump - Stormy Daniels - Storm Is Coming - Eye Of The Storm - You'll Find Out
What Storm Mr President - You'll Find Out

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