Summer Is Near

Two passengers and a pilot emerged unscathed from a small plane after it was forced to land without landing gear following a mechanical failure at Newcastle Airport in Australia’s New South Wales.

The plane, a Beach B-200 Super King, circled the airport for hours burning fuel before making a “textbook” wheels-up emergency landing. [1]

The “Super King” had to make an “Emergency Landing”.

Emergency Landing - King Of Terror - Six Six Six

The plane was forced to land at “Newcastle Airport”.

Newcastle Airport - Star Wars Is What? - Venus Down Under - Sydney Earthquake

The plane was a “Beach B-200 Super King”.

The “Super King” is the Antichrist Boss and Her force will awaken in May.

East Africa Internet Outage

Internet Outage East Africa

Internet users in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda have been complaining about poor connectivity as service providers across East Africa acknowledge there has been a problem. [2]

East Africa Internet Outage - Antichrist King Is A Woman - Stalked By Racist Mexicans

The “Super King” is the “Antichrist King” and he is a Woman. She’s also been “Stalked By Racist Mexicans” for years.

Tree Vandalism

Some 265 trees and plants, the equivalent of 14 tennis courts, had been razed – cut down or pierced with a drill and injected with poison, sometimes both. So much chemical was used that, initially, there were fears the run-off could wipe out the harbour’s marine life. [3]

A total of 256 trees have been vandalised in Sydney. “Flowers For Mother’s Day” equals 256 and the above article was published yesterday on Mother’s Day. If the “Nuclear Event” happens this month, like the code reveals, then the world will definitely change.

Back in February this year, “Nine Port Jackson Fig Trees” had holes drilled into them. [4]

Nine Port Jackson Fig Trees - Beach B Two Hundred Super King - The Antichrist Is The Boss - Star Wars The Force Awakens - The Large Hadron Collider Accident

“Nine Port Jackson Fig Trees” equals “Beach B Two Hundred Super King”, the name of the plane that made an emergency landing today.

The phrase “Nine Fig Trees” without Port Jackson equals the following …

The “Nine Fig Trees” were a Mayday warning.

Parable Of The Fig Tree

The “Parable Of The Fig Tree” in Matthew 24 is about Christ’s return at the rapture. [5]

Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh:

The parable is revealing that the “Virus Event” (i.e. rapture) is occurring when “Summer Is Near” which leads us back to May. Summer begins in June in the Northern Hemisphere so the “Solar Holocaust” should happen in May, this year hopefully. Fingers crossed.

So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.

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