Jealous Ape Attacks Robert Sepehr

Self-Proclaimed Ape

Erika is a 28-year-old self-proclaimed “modern ape” and current PhD student in Biological Anthropology. She’s also proficient at spreading bullshit on her YouTube channel and ripping into My boy, Robert Sepehr. Another day, another jealous mutt. It never ends.

Here’s a comment I posted on the ape’s channel today which I know she will not approve. Why? Because it’s the truth.

Modern Ape Braindead

If anybody’s “brain dead” it’s Erika. What on earth does a 28-year-old know? Absolutely nothing. She thinks that just because she’s a PhD student she’s intelligent. Nope. Who do you think put the information in the schools that all the idiots like Erika are parroting? The same apes who have enslaved humanity and have fed you bullshit since the day you were born.

Humans Are Not Just Apes

Speak for yourself monkey girl.

The only person who’s racist here is Erika the jealous ape.

If I looked like that, I’d be jealous too. We all know this one didn’t come from Atlantis. The nose always gives it away.

Modern Ape Hero

Small brained ape with her monkey hero. How embarrassing.

Humans Are Omnivorous

You’re an idiot. Full stop.

Erika is infested with parasites so is talking a lot of shit. If she stopped eating decomposing corpses and started detoxing, the worms in her digestive system would die off and she would see the light.

The chimpanzee gut, compared to the human, has a larger stomach, shorter small intestine, larger colon, and much larger cecum, reflecting the reliance on coevolved gut microflora to digest cellulose.

The human digestive system is not the same as a chimpanzee’s.


Europeans Evolved From Apes

It’s true. Europeans evolved from apes.

Profile of Negro vs Human vs Orangutan

Dr Josiah C. Nott argued in an article in the American Journal of the Medical Sciences, that mulattos and racially mixed offspring suffer from depressed stature and intelligence. Writing in opposition of allowing whites and blacks to intermarry or any other diverse racial couple for the matter, Nott’s writings influenced the passing of anti-miscegenation laws, banning marriage and sexual encounters between whites and non-whites.

Abraham Lincoln

I am not, nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people.

Abraham Lincoln
Indigenous Races of the Earth

Illustration from Indigenous Races of the Earth (1857), whose authors Nott and George Gliddon implied that negroes were a creational rank between “Greeks” and chimpanzees.

Why do I call Robert Sepehr racist? It's because of his Twitter account.

This is an unintelligent ape.

Robert Sepehr

Do you really think “who you fall in love with” is not influenced by EVERY TV show, EVERY movie, EVERY advertisement, EVERY classroom, EVERY magazine, EVERY music video all portraying interracial couples? Are you sure your thoughts and desires are YOURS and not programming?

Robert Sepehr

This is an intelligent man.

Twerking Monkey

Just one or two generations after WW2, and the best a news outlet can do is call this “pre-Viking”. What an embarrassment, no wonder your daughters are twerking for a living and can only speak ebonics.

Robert Sepehr
Swastika on Japanese Temple

Japan’s ORIGINAL inhabitants were Caucasian. Buddhism, an Aryan religion attributed to a blonde blue-eyed Aryan (Gautama) was disseminated to 3/4 of Asia by Aryans. This includes Korea, China, Thailand, Mongolia, etc. That said, the swastika PRE-DATES Buddhism, as do the Aryans.

Robert Sepehr
African Mud Huts

Africa is larger than the US and Europe combined with a population of 1.3 billion, yet can’t duplicate what was achieved elsewhere, with the exception of white South Africa and the Mediterranean. Why not, if DNA does not (allegedly) influence IQ, behavior, and race does not exist?

Robert Sepehr
Rihanna Billionaire

How is it that blacks can become billionaires, using mediums almost exclusively from white civilization, as this sort of thing doesn’t happen in Haiti or the Congo where they still did not develop soap, yet all I hear is complaining and blaming … or rioting, looting and robbing.

Robert Sepehr (in response to a comment posted by Forbes about Rihanna becoming an official billionaire)
Wishing Death On All White People - Racist Message
There was never a black emperor - Robert Sepehr
Britain is not a white country - Robert Sepehr
Britain is not a white country - Robert Sepehr
Britain was not dark skinned - Robert Sepehr
Disney promotes anti-white racism - Robert Sepehr
Ancient Irish have black skin, blue eyes
Origins of the first Europeans - Robert Sepehr
Only systemic racism in America is anti-white - Robert Sepehr
Only 2 percent of people in the world are natural blondes - Robert Sepehr
Japan becoming Third World country
Anti-racist means anti-white - Robert Sepehr
Weaponized label of racist - Robert Sepehr
Beethoven was not black - Robert Sepehr
Taylor Swift - Boom

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