There Is Only One Race

Ancient Humans Procreated With At Least Four Other Species

There is only one race, the human race. Everybody else is a mixed-species mongrel/subhuman. Humans are Cro-Magnon, i.e. European.

Cro-Magnons or European early modern humans (EEMH) were the first early modern humans (Homo sapiens) to settle in Europe.

Humans interbred with non-human species which resulted in all the different “races” you see today.

Humans vs. Mongrels

Humans on the left. Mongrels on the right.

Human vs Mongrel
Human vs Mongrel
Human vs Mongrel
Human vs Mongrel
Human vs Mongrel
Human vs Mongrel

Neanderthal/Denisovan/Human Hybrids

Neanderthal Human Hybrid
Neanderthal Human Hybrid

The Neanderthal on the left looks exactly like Serj Tankian from System of a Down.

Shaheena Dax - Denisovan Neanderthal Mongrel

Neanderthals and Denisovans have larger eye sockets and eyeballs than humans.

Neanderthal Human Hybrid

In a paper published on Thursday in the journal Cell, scientists at the University of Washington showed that more than 50,000 years ago, the now extinct subspecies of human, Denisovans, lived in Asia and apparently co-existed with modern humans. [1]

Correction: Extinct primates, not “subspecies of human”. Neanderthals, Denisovans and Homo sapiens are all distinct species.

Chimpanzee Hybrid

The earliest known ancestors of modern humans might have reproduced with early chimpanzees to create a hybrid species, a new genetic analysis suggests.

Human Ape Hybrid
Ape Man - Yu Zhenhuan

China’s hairiest man, Yu Zhenhuan.

Pauline Black - The Selecter - Denisovan Hybrid

Pauline Black from The Selecter is a Denisovan/human hybrid.

Steve Stevens Guitarist - Neanderthal Hybrid

Steven Bruce Schneider is a mix of several different hominids. He changed his name to “Steve Stevens” because he wanted to sound more human. His wife, Josie Stevens, is another hybrid who hides her monkey looks by bleaching her hair blonde and wearing blue contact lenses.

Josie Stevens - Steve Stevens
Josie Stevens Contact Lenses
Josie Stevens Contact Lenses
Josie Stevens’ Beauty Arsenal – Source
Ninja Die Antwoord - Neanderthal Hybrid

Ninja from Die Antwoord is a rapist for a reason.

Ugly Mixed-Species Creatures Want To Have Plastic Surgery

Human Barbie - Degeneration

Then …

… and now.

Remember, you can’t slap a blonde wig on a beast and call it human.

The World’s Most Dangerous Anthropologist

Robert Sepehr - Planet X
Robert Sepehr appearing in his 2003 movie, Planet X, about a society of ancient aliens visiting Earth and altering our DNA.

My favourite geek and anthropologist, Robert Sepehr, deleted My comment on YouTube because I called him out on his hypocrisy and lectured him on his consumption of rotting flesh. Nonetheless, he has conducted a lot of research over the years and helped Me connect a few more dots. Robert’s DNA results reveal that he is 93% European and according to what his haters are saying online, he’s been hiding his Jewish roots in the remaining 7%.

In recent weeks, rumours about Sepehr’s heritage have begun to circulate in far-right internet forums. His fans have been distressed to learn that their idol kept his Jewish roots hidden from them and some have launched a boycott in response. [2]

The jealous mongrels who control the media excel at lying so I don’t know how true that is. I haven’t had time to investigate but it doesn’t matter. It’s besides the point. Robert and others like him (including Myself) are constantly accused of being “antisemitic” but that’s a lie as well because Semites are Aryan.

Semites - Shem - Ancient Aryans

The descendants of Shem are believed to be that ancient Aryan race which inhabited central Asia east of the Caspian Sea, and north of the Hindu Kush Mountains. (Perhaps what is now Turkestan). They are also called Indo-Europeans and Judo-Germanic race.

Natural “History” Museum

Arusha Natural History Museum

In 2014 I went to the Natural History Museum in Tanzania and was told that Europeans evolved from these primates. 😂

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