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Yesterday in Beast From The Sea I stated:

Today I went to Christopher Knowles’ Secret Sun blog and saw this:

We pretty much said the same thing on the same day. Talk about “syncing responsibly”. As Chris stated, the machines that control the entire world “run on codes, symbolic language and pattern recognition” so it’s only natural that we synced up especially now that I’ve made a digital connection to him and his site by linking to him.

In his “The Great Seal Decoded” article, instead of “Sheliak”, he typed “Sheilak”. The word “Sheila” is Aussie slang for “Woman”.

A few years ago I posted a comment on his Twitter and told him that I used to live on “Wedgwood Circle” in Tustin, California. Both “Wedgwood Cir” (as seen on the map) and “Wormwood” are 756 in gematria. Note “Zig Zag” which is the astrological symbol for “Aquarius”. “Amphora”, “Maria Magdalena”, “Sandra Dee”, “The Grail”, and “Mark of Cain” equal 230.

According to Chris, the “Ring Nebula” is “The Missing Capstone” (216) that sits atop the pyramid. “The Eye On The Pyramid” is also 216 so he’s right.

The number 618 makes an appearance again. It’s the 618: Terminator Countdown. “Ring Nebula” is 404 in the Jewish cipher like “The Chosen One”. The “Ring Nebula” is also known as “Messier 57” and my name “Sandra” equals 57.

“The Illuminati Deity is a concealed God who hides his true identity in a multitude of disguises and subterfuges. He is called “The Sun,” the “Central Sun,” “Hiram Abiff,” the one with the “Ineffable Name,” “Ein Soph,” the “Great Architect of the Universe,” “Abaddon,” “Mahabone,” and “Jahbuhlun.”

The Riddle of the Great Seal of the United States

“Katy Perry” is “The Missing Capstone” in her video for “Dark Horse“. She’s also a “Scorpio”. Before I decode “Dark Horse” let’s look at the numbers for “Hiram Abiff”. He represents “Osiris The Egyptian Sun God”, “Horus The Morning Star” and “Lucifer The Light Bearer”.

Osiris” (also known as “Oz”) is the god of fertility, agriculture, the afterlife, the dead, resurrection, life, and vegetation in ancient Egyptian religion. The word “Osiris” is 89 in gematria like “Beta Lyrae” (Sheliak). Wow, I just posted about Chris Knowles’ “Sheliak” typo above. Other words that equal 89 are “End Times”, “End Is Near” and …. “You And I”. WTF. I’m currently listening to “You And I” by Lady Gaga! If that’s not a hardcore sync, then tell me what is. Freaky. In the Jewish cipher “Osiris” is 328 like “Dark Horse”. Double wow and WTF rolled into one. “Call Nine One One” and “Ascension” are also 328. More “Rapture” syncs. It’s the final countdown!

Horus” is one of the most significant ancient Egyptian deities who served many functions, most notably god of kingship and the sky.

I’m laughing because I don’t know if I’m being trolled by the Matrix, or not. The synchronicities I’ve been experiencing lately are mind-blowing. Sometimes I think that I really am losing My mind …. and I just looked at the matches for “Horus The Morning Star” in the Jewish cipher and saw:

Your Not Going Mad = 1068

My face just turned white. Now I’m really getting paranoid.

Maybe! Moving on ….

And there it is again. The “Coronavirus” signalling the upcoming “Apocalypse”. Those who have their head screwed on straight and aren’t walking around with a gag over their mouth will know that there is something more to this “Coronavirus” thing than what the mainstream media is reporting. After typing “gag” I got hit with another realisation. Gag. Gaga. You’re being “Gagged” because “Gaga Is Coming”.

For those of you who don’t know, the word “Apocalypse” means “Revelation” or “Unveiling” and not “The End Of The World”. “The Revelation Of Lady Gaga”.

“Katy Perry” plays “Horus” in her “Dark Horse” video.

Here she is with the “All Seeing Eye Of Horus”.

“Katy Perry” plays the “Rising Phoenix”, “Horus The Morning Star” and “Lucifer The Light Bearer” in “Dark Horse”. That’s why the video is set in “Ancient Egypt”.

At 2 minutes and 47 seconds (247) you see “Katy Perry” on a “Stripper Pole”. She’s the “Pole Star” (“Polaris”) that the “Big Dipper” constellation rotates around. Look at the lyrics of the song:

She ride me like a roller coaster
Turned her bedroom into a fair

The “Big Dipper” roller coaster, like the one I hit my chin on at “Luna Park Sydney”. Read more about the “Big Dipper” in Final Countdown.

What are the gematria word/phrase matches for 247 (2 minutes, 47 seconds)?

On August 29, 2018 I found a “Branch In The Shape Of A Trident” on my driveway.

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