Wannabe White Girls (Part 2)

Beyonce - Cowboy Carter

Beyoncé released her eighth studio album Cowboy Carter on Good Friday (yesterday).

The Cowboy Carter album cover was shot by Texan photographer Blair Caldwell … She rides the horse sidesaddle (in the style of royalty), dressed in a red, white and blue one-piece, a cowboy hat, and a sash reading “Cowboy Carter”.

“In the style of royalty” … wearing a blonde wig and being racist just like she was on the cover of her Renaissance album.

Beyonce - Renaissance Album

“Queen B” wishes she was a Queen as can clearly be seen by her constant imitation of Europeans which is incredibly offensive to us true Europeans. Not only that, she’s also pretending to be the Queen, i.e. the “Faithful and True” rider on a horse aka the Antichrist. How do I know this? Because gematria reveals all.

Beyoncé’s bloodline is far from holy because she’s a mongrel and mongrels aren’t descended from royalty. She is revealing other secrets though, for example, 33 (“CC”) hidden in the album’s title. I doubt she knows what she’s doing though and all of this was designed by the Neanderthal hybrids who wave the Holy Wand (Wood) behind the scenes and control the minds of the idiot masses.

For select vinyl releases of Renaissance, the album cover features Luca Giordano’s 1690 painting La Conversion de Saint Paul behind Beyoncé atop a disco ball horse. Luca Giordano was a European late-Baroque painter. Beyoncé is not European. I guess they decided to place a Baroque painting on the cover because anti-White graffiti sprayed by a racist negro would look too cheap.

Beyonce Renaissance - Kill Whitey Graffiti

Wannabe Nefertiti

Beyonce - Homecoming Album

Beyoncé channels Nefertiti on the cover of her Homecoming album. One problem though. Nefertiti was Aryan as were all ancient Egyptian royalty.

Nefertiti Blue Eyes

Nefertiti’s eye colour has been changed in order to hide the truth.

Nefertiti Blue Eyes

Here Come The Racist Pigs

Nefertiti Racist Comment
Nefertiti Racist Comment
Nefertiti Racist Comment
Nefertiti Racist Comment

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