Rapists Prefer Blondes Pop Art

Here’s Billy Morrison and Ivan Drago with My latest painting Rapists Prefer Blondes. Billy has been secretly stalking Me for a while and then finally got the courage to contact and tell Me how much he loves My work. I wonder if he’s got the testicles to display My new series Fuck Racism alongside his paintings at his next exhibition though. 🤔 He refused to compete with Me in a pop art painting competition because he knew he’d lose so let’s see if he’s man enough to exhibit his work alongside mine. C’mon Billy boy! Let’s show all those Hollywood wankers who the master of pop art really is! 👑

On a side note, Fuck Racism is going to be My most important work. I posted a photo of a guy I saw at the petrol station last night wearing a turban with an Adidas hoodie on Instagram earlier and immediately had a few people unfollow Me. Why? I love testing people in order to separate the sackless truth haters from the brave and this series of paintings is going to be a huge test. I doubt any art gallery in Australia has the spine to exhibit My new work because they’re too scared. They only promote boring and meaningless pop art, the same shit that everybody paints. If Americans can’t handle Me then you know there’s no way any Aussie can. 😂

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